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You too can learn how to dance salsa, all you need is a good teacher and regular practice. Join one of our workshops, or ask for private lessons!

Club Cubano dance school was founded in 2009 and specializes exclusively in Cuban dances. Our goal has always been to study and teach the original and modern styles of Cuban Salsa (Casino/Timba), Son, Rumba, Afro and Son Moderno. You can learn everything we've picked up from the greatest masters in Europe and Cuba in a relaxed, fun way.

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Barbara Vagasi and Balazs Kutni

We are Barbara Vágási and Balázs Kutni, leaders of Club Cubano dance school. We have been teaching authentic Cuban dance styles right from the beginning, and we regularly travel home and abroad to attend Cuban teachers’ workshops.

We believe that cultural and musical knowledge are both essential to fully experience what Cuban dances have to offer, so these aspects form an organic part of our curriculum.

Since we like to dance to slow, romantic style of Cuban music the most, and both authenticity and innovation are very important to us, our main project now is to make Son Moderno popular in Hungary: after 36 hours of intensive teacher training we are the first from Hungary to get permission to teach this style from the founders of Son Moderno, Yunaisy Farray and Danger Rodríguez. We believe that this style will renew the cuban salsa scene by making it possible to master the "sensual" form of cuban dance in a structured way. More info:

Wedding dances


We build on your concepts from the beginning, so we never have the same two choreographies. Your ideas are always welcome, because representing yourselves in the wedding dance is our most important goal. Be an absolute beginner or an experienced dancer, we bring out the best of your abilities so that it shows on stage too. With years of experience in dance instruction and choreography, we can teach you the needed steps and movements in a clear and simple way. For more details and booking feel free to contact us.